Add a new OAuth2.0 provider

(Stephen) #1

So it turns out that Blizzard offer the option to authenticate via OAuth and I was wondering whether there’s an existing route to add an additional OAuth 2.0 provider.

Has anyone had any success in adding another provider?

OAuth2 Basic Support
(Jeff Atwood) #2

Yes, we use OmniAuth so follow the documentation (or search for that). There is an example too.

(Stephen) #3

It looks as though they’ve produced a tweaked version of OmniAuth, I’m assuming that complicates matters?

(Kane York) #4

Adding it would be okay, as long as they provide checked email addresses.

I’m just wondering whether it belongs in Discourse or maybe an official plugin - discourse-extra-logins maybe?

(Stephen) #5

Does discourse-extra-logins exist? I’ve not been able to find it anywhere.

(Kane York) #6

No, I was proposing for it to be created.

(Stephen) #7

That would be awesome.

(Stephen) #8

Is this the domain of @sam or @codinghorror?