Add a "You" to "liked this" after liking a post

(Kevin) #1

It’d be clearer if a “You” was added before “liked this”, as many users may not change their gravatar.

Screenshot of issue

(Jason) #2

For me it displays “You (and _ other people) liked this.” until I click on that text at which point it displays the avatar images to show the people who liked it. Unless it’s immediately displaying avatars rather than the text for you due to a bug I think it is fine since it displays the way you suggested until intentionally interacted with.

(Kevin) #3

Yeah, though there’s no way to undo the action: If I click on the text, and it turns into gravatars, I can’t change it back to text, and if I like the post then, then I have no real immediate feedback that I liked it.

(Jason) #4

I would assume you already saw it if you’ve clicked it, besides your own avatar will be displayed and you should recognize it (even if it’s one of their defaults). Not to mention the “undo like” text next to the avatars which very strongly implies that you did indeed like it :stuck_out_tongue:

(Kevin) #5

Hmm, that’s not necessarily true about the avatars, I don’t really recognize mine at all.

(Jeff Atwood) #6

This is more properly solved by going to and associating a totally sweet gravatar with your email of choice, is it not? :smiley:

(Dave Jensen) #7

I really like the “like” feature but I kinda feel it get’s lost how it’s currently positioned. What about doing it like Google+ where the count appears on the icon itself?

Other ideas

  • Next to the date
  • Where it is now but attached to the panel with a different background color (blue?)
  • Under the Avatar

(Sam Saffron) #8

The main reason we have likes between posts is cause they allow expansion, in the past we considered just having the count next to the heart. However, how would you go about expanding it?

Below the avatar does not work for me, that area is now reserved for information about the user. I would be interested in seeing mocks of alternate designs.

Put likes and replies in the bar, not between the posts
(Dave Jensen) #9

Maybe like this but a lighter color of blue.

(Dave McClure) #10

I just think the heart icon should turn red instead of disappearing. That would address the issue originally reported since posts “you” like would be visually distinct from those that only others have liked. It’d also make it more consistent with the way the bookmark works.

Plus, it’d be there to toggle off after you click it if you want…

As for where to position the like text and/or expanded avatars, that seems like a ‘new topic’

(Jeff Atwood) #11

Agreed, the logic makes sense, though I would not call this a priority.

(Sam Saffron) #12

My main objection here is that the “red” can look a bit annoying and deter people from clicking on like. We used to have a throbbing red heart and it was not loved.

On the other hand I do hate disappearing moving buttons, they are confusing.

(Dave McClure) #13

I never saw that, but I have a suspicion that “throbbing” was what annoying, not red.

But if we’re gonna talk about colors now, I’d say the deep red that is currently in the ‘bug’ label (or the last read bookmark) may be preferable to the pinkish red that shows up when you hover.

Certainly not a priority…

(Jeff Atwood) #14

I still want to get to this. I think ↑ is more correct than the current behavior.

(Jeff Atwood) #15

This is now complete:

(lid) #16

Does like button get locked after a while, I can not take my love back?

(cpradio) #17

Ah, good catch, all of a sudden we can’t undo likes…

(Sam Saffron) #18

This has been the case for a very long time, like “lock” after 5 minutes.

(cpradio) #19

Hmm… I could have sworn I could do that for longer than 5 minutes, oh well.

(lid) #20

@cpradio same here.
I guess I will have to toggle all my likes on and off for eternity to keep them under my control.

btw do you get a notification on and off when I will do that?