Add content to default template


Continuing the discussion from Plugin System Upgrades:

I’ve had a look at the discussion linked above and here and also here and it seems to me that the only way for a plugin to add data to a template is by overwriting it. Is this correct?

I was hoping I could add something like <%= render_example_code %> to the customisation menu in the </body> section and have it render the content that is registered within the plugin but this obviously doesn’t work.

The plugin outlets system looks awesome but it doesn’t let you inject stuff into the footer/header of the template that I can see.

(Kane York) #2

What template are you talking about? The server-side erb files or the client-side Handlebars files?


Server side erb files, where the site customisations add their content.

Specifically app/views/layouts/application.html.erb and app/views/layouts/crawler.html.erb