Add "Create Topic" button at the top

(Anton) #1

Being an example of active writer, not only reader, I like to create 3 topics in a row, one by one, while maintaining all them in my head simultaneously.

It would be great if “Create Topic” button will be always available, so I do not have to navigate back to home page to get access to that button - this will save me time and is also a way to better concentrate while I create topics.

What is wrong with PHPBB?
(Anton) #2

Maybe we can add button with big “plus” icon just when all other buttons near my profile pictures are:


(Anton) #3

Also it can be added to context menu, as well as some other useful actions:

(Lowell Heddings) #4

Creating new posts shouldn’t be the primary function of the forum - if you’re reading a topic, your main focus should be replying. Making it too easy to create new topics just ends up with a forum that has way too many unanswered topics.

You can use the Reply as New Topic feature to reply to something but start your own unique topic.

(Anton) #5

Well, what you said is opposite to what I’m doing here at discourse when reporting bugs, 3 at a time.

I guess there will be always different types of forum - the ones with small amount of topics but long discussion story on one side, and ones with many small discussions on the other side.

For this topic, I’m just reporting my REAL experience with Discourse, not my fantasy or my guesses. It would be really helpful for me to add a new topic at any time, or else this one action becomes to 2 actions - I have to first navigate to home page and only then create new topic, which is disadvantage in usability.

(Lowell Heddings) #6

Creating that many topics is an unusual use case though, mostly reserved for locating bugs in software and posting many times.

I can’t think of any other scenarios where somebody would need to create so many topics. Can you think of any?

(Anton) #7
  • Short real-time discussions of some live event (tv, concert, debatest etc) or match (betting)
  • Brain-storming with using forum board (well, I have seen this too, lol)
  • Feature proposition - when I use some software or website and just want to create 3…5 topics in a row with my propositions. Thus it will be not much related to bug reporting, but can be simply a place to discuss new features by users. Yes, I know, they have to search first. But if someone have some thing to tell me about my website, I’d rather allow him to create 5 topics then no topics at all - because feedback is a gold.

We never know for which idea our software will be used.

(Jeff Atwood) #8

If you want that in your forum, you are free to modify the code to make it so!

(Anton) #9

LOL, do you mean it is not an option for Discourse, but we are free to do “our own patch” for our needs?
Or is it something that will be made configurable in the future (even far away from now).

(Lowell Heddings) #10

Wouldn’t this be better in a single topic thread? If every single person added their own thread talking about the same things, it would end up being a disaster.

(Anton) #11

Correct about events. Actually I can’t imagine anything very concrete. In fact, we cannot predict how people will use it. Okay if nobody likes it just lets leave this idea alone )

(Anton) #12

Just a quick research - a very popular collective blog have such button always visible. Even taking into account that you usually write there not more often than once per 2 weeks or so.

For me it looks absolutely intuitive, imho.

(Bcguy) #13

Yes - definitely this is a UX issue that they need to change.

(Stuart Alexander) #14

When a community is new, or when a new user comes on board, there will be lots of things to say.

(Daler) #15

I support and need this feature as many social discussions (both online and offline) tend to have lurkers/listeners and initiators. Probably initiators deserve a better UX.

The fear that “it will encourage users to create too many topics…” has nothing to do with the core purpose of a discussion tool - to enable the discourse. (it’s a matter of regulation).

Experiences may vary, but I believe that minimizing the friction for user engagement is not always a bad idea.

So, 4 years later, what are the suggested workarounds?

EDIT: Currently looking at Adding "+ New Topic" button on every page :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #16

Follow one of the many topics here describing HTML / CSS customizations to add it wherever you want, as many places as you want? Heck, fill the screen with “New Topic” buttons… the world is your oyster! :tada:

(Daler) #17

Just in case someone is looking for solution this may help: