Add icon to a topic


(Amit Friedmann) #1

I think it would be a great addition (and I guess not the hardest feature to implement) to be able to attach an icon to a topic, and even a post.
I realised that when I shared a link to a topic in Facebook and the only offered thumbnail was the forum’s logo (which didn’t fit, as FB thumbnails are squares while logos mostly rectangles)

(Ides) #2

What purpose would the icon serve for the topic and posts that they are attached to? Some icons appear next to topics based on it being pinned, favorited, locked, and the like to signify several key things before you even enter into the topic.

  • Lock - You cannot post in this topic.
  • Star - Add to your favorites toggle.
  • Pin - The topic is pinned to show to everyone at least once.

(Amit Friedmann) #3

Yhea, I know about those. The purpose of an icon (can be built-in ones, controlled by the moderators, or any if permitted) is to describe the topic. A global image that describe what it’s all about. Sort of a photographic description…
The problem will be to display it in a table, so I think that it should be displayed only when drilled to the topic page.
Another purpose, as I mentioned, is the ability to add more thumbnail options when sharing the topic in a social network channel, which grabs the page and search for images. When tried to share any topic in FB from my forum, I only get the logo as a thumbnail suggestion, which will usually not fit to the square dimensions (and in FB you can’t crop a thumbnail from a shared link).

(Jeff Atwood) #4

I think a user-defined tag or two might be a more interesting thing to attach to a topic versus an icon.

(Amit Friedmann) #5

Well, both are interesting in customising the way a topic looks like. User defined tags will help is searching interesting topics while an icon won’t.

(Nicholas Perry) #6

A first pass on this could be having each “Category” have a unique icon. If there is no icon defined, the default would the the forum icon itself. The icon could be related to the forum.

For example, this post its in the feature category, so we could have the discourse icon rendered as if it were a blueprint.

I imagine it working similarly to how the Reddit alien is customized for a sub-reddit.

I think this is a good idea. It feels like a missing feature of the onebox support - especially with the icon looking funny.

(Ronteras) #7

What if Discourse identifies what is submitted in the original post and adds relevant icon/tumbnail to the topic title? Four icons - video, photo, external link or text and it will be visible on front page right before or after topic title. If it’s mixed content like video and link or video and photo, adds the same size icon uniquely designed as “Media”.

(Amit Friedmann) #8

I think that’s a good idea as a fallback, e.g if the topic’s icon was not manually provided.

(Amit Friedmann) #9

@codinghorror can a tag be either an icon or text (for searching, an icon can optionally have an alternate text which will be the searchable term for it)? It can solve both suggestions…

(Bill Ayakatubby) #10

Discourse doesn’t support tags, only categories.

(Ronteras) #11

Just a rough mockup, please disregard the icon designs and my overall bad graphic skills :smiley: . It just shows what kind of content the first post contains. DC will generate the icon automatically and will stick it to the topic. Some icons can be merged into one - like media (music and video). I think this adds more clarity to whats going on in particular topic.

(Amit Friedmann) #12

Yhea, I know, my post was a reply to @codinghorror suggestion on user-defined tags. Maybe I should have write: “If Discourse is going to support user-define tags, can a tag be either an icon (with alternate text for searching) or text?”

(Amit Friedmann) #13

That can be a really nice feature, BUT it doesn’t really help when posting a topic in a social network as the posted content will still have a very limited choice of icons (forum’s logo, one of the pre-defined icons from your feature and if there are photos inside the topic’s page). Adding an option for a unique icon to a topic will handle it better.

(Jeff Atwood) #14

Why not just define an icon to go with the category, then? I am just not seeing what this brings to the table other than visual noise.

(Sam Saffron) #15

I can see the use case for archetypes, eg: polls, buying/selling, image gallery, etc

(Donald) #16

Has there been any progress on this topic?

I have a category called “Meetups” which includes a rather long list of topics such as:

New York City
Los Angeles
Mexico City

I think a national flag icon beside each topic would help my users find their local meetup groups. Alternatively, the capability to specify an order for pinned topics, so that I can group all of the U.S. locations together, all of the Australian locations together etc.

(Jeff Atwood) #17

Maybe we could support Emoji in titles optionally since :us: and :uk: already work.

(Panteen Pro-V) #18

Would love to be able to add Custom Icon to a topic. This is nice feature

(Jeff Atwood) #19

Emojis in titles are now supported thanks to @zogstrip.

(dosch) #20


If I look at the Emoji One website, many more Emojis are supported then there are in Discourse.

For instance, I’d like to use :flag_nl: but that is not supported.
My need is for a multi-lingual forum where this could be used to visually communicate the language of the topic in the title.