Add last topic & categories on home page


(Matthieu Lamarque) #1

Hello Community
On home page, I have to add a list of last topics and categories.
Actually I display only categories. What is the procedure to add this feature (last topic on the left)
I imagine that is not very hard to do but i don’t know the steps.

This is a capture :

Thanks for your help.


(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #2

If you are on a recent release of Discourse there is a Site Setting for that: desktop category page style

(Matthieu Lamarque) #3

Thanks Rafael , i’m using version 1.7.
I don’t find this settings on back-office :\

(Rafael dos Santos Silva) #4

It’s for sure in v1.7.0.beta7

(Daniela) #5

…and v1.7.0.beta 5 (+195) too.

P.S. in your settings search for desktop_category

(Matthieu Lamarque) #6

Thanks @Trash, but i still can’t find the right menu.
I only have :

(cpradio) #7

That is Top menu, so you need to move “latest” to the front on the item, then search for desktop category and make sure that is shown as Latest and Categories

(Matthieu Lamarque) #8

Sorry for the delay, i’m using discourse 1.5.0.
What it the best procedure : make a dump form my db and update discourse ? i don’t use a docker, i clone the repo on my server.