Add page to FAQ

(Josh) #1

Is there away of adding an additional page to the FAQ section?

(Erick Guan) #2

What do you mean? Do you mean you want to paginate the FAQ page?

(Josh) #3

I want to add a page next to the Terms of Service, Privacy area.

(Erick Guan) #4

You mean you want add a tab next to Privacy? This is not available now. You can make a feature request in feature category and tell us the reason why it is important to you.

BTW: you can override faq_url.

(Josh) #5

Thanks for your help!

How do you override it?

(Erick Guan) #6

Go to Admin - Site Setting and find faq_url. Fill a url to see whether it can reach your need.

(Jeff Atwood) #7

This might be a good extensibility point eventually @eviltrout though I don’t see a lot of demand for it at the moment.

(Zack) #8

If you’re looking for backup this would be great for us as well. As a gaming community that has recruitment rules and membership rules it would be nice to have those as pages however there isn’t too much reason to not have a pinned post for them either.

(Tobias Eigen) #9

I have been wanting to do this for a while. Also the about page linked from the menu could fit alongside faq etc and be more customizable.