Add remarketing code that only run for logged-in users

I’d like to add a remarketing code that will only be triggered for users who logged in at least once. This will be added to a private forum and I only want the members to be retargeted, so anyone who visits the login page but has no access should not be retargeted. Hope that makes sense.

Any idea how to do that?

Sorry can you expand on this with a specific example. You can set up a theme component that will only fire for logged in users. What specific code are you trying to run?

I would like to add some new remarketing tags (Adwords, Adroll), that only show up on the forum for people who have logged in. I have already set up a theme component and added the script before the /head tag.

I have to make sure it does not show up on the login page of the site (so that way we only retarget actual members), currently it does show up on the login page.

Please advise.

Any suggestions? :grinning: