Add smiles button to composer panel

(Anton Batenev) #1

It is too hard for non advanced users to remember emoji codes for smiles. I think it will be usefull to add button to composer panel (such as “Image” or “Hyperlink”) with small set of often used smiles. So, users can click to button, choose standard smile from set and add it to message by second click - too easy for them.

(Alejandro Petroff) #2

I agree with @abbat. The most frequest complain from our users (9 of 10 users) is about “hidden” smiles. The second one is absense of possibility to upload custom avatars without Gravatar. These two are the most negative feedback headlines.

(Jeff Atwood) #3

Agree on custom avatars. That is in the pipeline.

But it is hard to argue that smiles are exactly “hidden” when I begin typing :) and get…

(Sam Saffron) #4

Finding an emoji is really painful… Sure you can type :smile: but how are you ever going to find hanky the christmas poo? :hankey:

A simple :question: link that takes you to a list of emojis you can click on to insert into the composer would go miles at making this more usable.

I suggested this work to @novemberkilo who may be working on it:

Mockups would be a godsend here! Designers and would be designers, this is a call to action!

(Anton Batenev) #5

ok, but what about often used:

  • :\ - “confused”
  • :frowning: - “disappointed”
  • :stuck_out_tongue: - “stuck_out_tongue”

for non English speakers?

(Sam Saffron) #6

@abbat @cerberus you have a some very talented designers for age of clones :smile: any chance you could provide a graphic mockup of how you would see this work?

(Navin) #7

The README of GitHub - rhardih/gemoji-chrome: Chrome plugin for finding and inserting gemoji shortcodes. has an example that looks like a good starting point.

Perhaps a similar :smiley: button (added to the formatting toolbar of the message composer) that brings up a searchable list of emojis?

(Sam Saffron) #8

Yeah … that would be awesome, my main concern is that you have 500 images there, if we bring them all one by one clicking that button will take 10 or so seconds and hammer people with emoji downloads.

One way to mitigate is only to fetch images for a subset of the visible emojis in the toolbar popup, the second option is to build a sprite and use it when showing multiples.

(Michael Brown) #9

Perhaps for the preview we can use a font with the emoji in it? :poop: doesn’t quite look like :hankey: but it gets the idea across without a ton of downloading. And it would be instant (a spherical instant in a vacuum).

(Sam Saffron) #10

Fonts are black and white … you would be hosed there, the right thing to do ideally is use a sprite or multiple sprites. That or SPDY.

(Jeff Atwood) #11

See my post here

(Michael Brown) #12

Well, for a quick and snappy lightweight preview, it’s a start. It’s a preview after all. (I’m thinking Draft Mode).

If we wanted to be Too Clever, we might display all the emoji as font glyphs and then replace them with images as they loaded, on demand.

(Alejandro Petroff) #13

Thank you very much for the warm words. We’d like to create a graphic mockup but our designers are overloaded with current tasks. :sob: We try to contribute to discourse with some source code fixes, russian localization and bug reports. For now, that’s all we can.

(Michael) #14

Do you think that it’s really necessary to have mockups for this? I mean, has anyone ever made a mockup for the “Insert Hyperlink” thing?
Discourse could have that :smiley:-Button (or the Font-equivalent to that) and just open another overlay with all possible emojis. That would be at least a start? Or is there some WIP for other solutions?

I know that many of you could think of more impotant features. But i guess many “end-users” see emojis as a killer-feature :wink:

(Jeff Atwood) #15

This has been complete for a while now, look for the emoji button in the editor toolbar :slight_smile:

(Jeff Atwood) #16