Add sub route such as users/:username/<subRoute> in a plugin



I’m trying to add a new page on the “user” page next to “Activity”. I get the connector to work and it binds to a route at /users/:username/music but the template music.hbs is never rendered in the outlet on the user page. If I try to connect to that route via the URL field I get the right template to render in the main-outlet. If I add the route in the app-route-map.js.es6 I get the template to render in the outlet on the user page. Is it possible to extend an existing resource/route in this way or can only routes be added from the root and not appended to at a later stage.

Thanks for any help.


I realized that there’s already a thread about this and this posts helped me.

Fantastic I’ve spent all day with this. Feeling embarrassed.

(Régis Hanol) #3