Add username to avatar_template

(Jay Pfaffman) #1

Or that’s what I think I want to do. (Not quite sure if this is #support — add some CSS, or a #feature)

Briefly, I want to see the username next to the avatar on the search page.

Use case:

I’m using Discourse as a learning environment instead of a Learning Management System like Moodle, Blackboard, or Canvas.

I would like to add username after the avatar on (at least) the search page.

To see whether a student has completed an assignment, I do a search for a certain tag in a category and order by likes. This is almost enough for me to “grade” their work from this search page. (The search is something like this plus a tag.)

What I really need on the search page is:

  1. username
  • whether I liked it

Right now I have to mouseover the avatar to get the username and hope that if it got likes one of them was mine.

For the second part, a longer-term solution is a plugin that adds a “You got it right” (sort of like discourse-solved, except the checkbox goes on the first post rather than the replies).

(Looks like tags got turned off? I was going to add an lms tag.)