Add users without email

Is there any way to add users and preset the initial passwords without having to send invitation emails? thanks

Let’s go back several steps here:

  • do you already have these users in another system?
  • how will you give these users details for their new accounts?
  • do you have emails for these users?

are you trying to bypass email entirely? or just at signup?

No, this is a brand new setup for a new & small community.
Credentials will be given in person.

I would like to bypass emails entirely for now. It’s a bit tricky to set up emails correctly in my environment.

There are no built-in options to bypass or disable email, anything you do here probably goes beyond the scope of the support we provide. Discourse is built with the assumption that email is both a thing and that users will have valid email addresses.

Typically if you already have users that means you already have something you can provide SSO from, bypassing the need to set up your users all together. You’re going to want your users to have valid email addresses both for them to be notified of activity on the community, and for them to do basic stuff like password management.

Have you considered opening your Discourse board to user registrations and just distribute the link to them? You can turn on account approvals to prevent third parties from getting in.

If you follow the email setup guide it’s a pretty painless process. Just don’t go trying to host your own mail server - it’s both unnecessary and a gateway to a hellscape of hurt. There are a few free options suitable for small communities.


Thanks for the quick & detailed response. I will try your recommended approaches above.