Added latest version of plugin-solved - Checkbox for OP is not showing


I added the plugin-solved in my discourse forum, and tried to impersonate some people to see if the solve checkbox is showing. But it is not showing at all. I have enabled solved plugin, allow users to select solutions for topics.

The sample checkbox here is missing:

(Daniela) #2

You can not use the solution on the first post.

In the OP you will see the extract of the solution accepted by the author of the topic, but the solution will be another post, for example the second or tenth

(Kris) #3

A few possibilities:

  1. depending on your settings you may have to enable solutions by editing a specific category (the checked option at the bottom here):

  1. If you look at the setting there’s a second possibility: only topic owners and staff can mark a reply as a solution.

  2. Another possibility is that the option is hidden behind the “show more” option on replies:


Add Badge to Solve answer


I have impersonated the OP and to check if the checkbox is showing on the other answers, but no checkbox are available.



What part of the Admin panel can I find your screenshot?

(Kris) #6

Those are settings for a category, you can find them by navigating to a category’s topic list and clicking the edit button on the top right.


@awesomerobot Thanks, this solves the problem.

Can I do a pull-request on this plugin and add this info on the README file so that others won’t have the same problem?

Thanks! :slight_smile:

(Daniela) #8

Sure, just do it. :+1: