Adding a DNS name to an IP-based install

I have a droplet at DO 2gb cloud I spent a day learning to install and get Discourse running which I have for the most part it is currently a sandbox I suppose until I can figure out how to fully use and understand what I am doing. This is where my discourse is This is where my wordpress site is.

I am with Kinsta for my wordpress and I use cloudflare
I have the DNS set up on cloudflare I have tried A pointing to the IP
I also took off the features of cloudflare and just have the DNS resolving for the IP and It always comes back unable to connect.

I ran the wizard.

I am just trying to get the DNS set up so I can make sure it is working with that domain before attempting SSO linking with my Wordpress etc.

As they say one step at a time and if I can figure out my DNS and why this may be happening.

I surfed around for awhile and kept trying to find topics to solve this but they all came down to DNS so I’m just trying to figure out why my DNS for DO won’t work with my website and DNS with my Kinsta Wordpress as I found topics saying you can have Wordpress and Discourse on completely different servers.

Sorry once again for taking your attention away from the platform to help troubleshoot some simpler issues.

What DNS name did you configure during discourse-setup? IP based installs are completely unsupported, just as WordPress needed a hostname during setup to detect the appropriate host header, Discourse needs the FQDN to be specified.

There should be an ‘a’ record for pointed to - that DNS entry exists now, but was it there when you installed?

You should really enable let’s encrypt, too.

Did you follow the official install guide, or use the 1-click method from DigitalOcean? We only support the former here.

As to disabling CloudFlare, the orange cloud must be turned off whilst you initially configure. Let’s Encrypt requires a completely direct connection to your DigitalOcean droplet to verify the server at the specified domain name. It’s safe to turn on afterwards providing you disable the other ‘performance’ features.

Which mail provider are you using to route email? There’s no evidence of MX records configured under or


I used the one click install, I’ll destroy and try doing it again and make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I have Let’s Encrypt on my wordpress website. Do claims I need to manage my domain on their network in order to use let’s encrypt on their droplets.

So would that mean I need to send my domain to DO just to use SSL?

As for the mail I used the wrong link as I am new to SMTP but I was going to fix it afterwards. I assume that is not allowed? Like I said I am only trying to learn the ropes not get 100% up and running yet. Need to learn as I go and correct mistakes that happen along the way.

If you want help here please don’t do this. Use the official installation guide if you want us to be able to help you with any aspect of your install. If you use the DigitalOcean package then you need to go to them for any assistance - you can check #unsupported-install to see the kinds of pain points you can encounter with third party packages.

DO doesn’t need your domain on their network to use Let’s Encrypt, that’s not remotely true. Can you point me to anything on their site which says this?

Providing the IP is pointed at the correct server Let’s Encrypt will work correctly. For example, you can register a domain at NameCheap, host the DNS at Cloudflare, point the IP to a droplet at DigitalOcean, and Let’s Encrypt will still enroll without any problems whatsoever.

From the official documentation:


:warning: Email is CRITICAL for account creation and notifications in Discourse. If you do not properly configure email before bootstrapping YOU WILL HAVE A BROKEN SITE!

I would recommend you pick a provider from the recommended list and configure that before proceeding with the installation.

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