Adding a listing of users

(Kuba) #1

I would like to have a user list page on Discourse, probably something similar to StackOverflow’s Users page. I am not sure if this is planned or not, or if someone is already working on this, so I’m asking about the status of this feature:

  • Is it wanted? Or is it intentially ommited. I can understand that it’s usefulness can be disputed.

  • What are the requirements for such a page? I would like to take a look at implementing it.

  • Are there any design/layout preferences?

  • Also, I believe we should also have an non-JS (indexable by Google) version of it.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Have you looked at this plugin?

(Sam Bauch) #3

Yeah you’re welcome to take a look at/fork what I did with my user directory plugin.

I’ve made some updates to it locally, but I think they are likely too specific to my instance to be valuable to others.

I got a lot out of mimicking what’s going on in the admin app with the admin user directory and by reusing other aspects of the Discourse code base.

(Jeff Atwood) #4

Sure, it’s just been a low priority because on most forums I barely ever visit the user directory pages.

And here you just type in the search box and it will match user names too… I noticed the other day we have a bug where exact user name matches are not being properly prioritized though, e.g. typing “neil” in the search box does not show exact name matches first as it should.

(Kane York) #5

This is now available: Discourse Meta

(Kane York) #6