Adding a new language that doesnt exist

(Sebastian) #1

Considering using DC for a forum in Thailand.

Im not a coder and these questions might seem stupid:

  1. Is there a language file I can just send to and re upload translated to server where all text is translated, including UI text like buttons etc?

  2. Any rough idea about how many words would need to be translated?

  3. And the biggest issue. What about when DC adds a new button or text string somewhere. How will I know when to update the Language file? Do you have to monitor for pulls in github or whatever its called?

  4. Is the UI adapted for languages that read from right to left as well?

(Jeff Atwood) #2

No, we are not adapted for RTL languages yet. You can search for the term RTL or Hebrew to see other topics on that.

The general localization is covered at

(Dave McClure) #3

Also, click the little search icon in the upper right and type ‘translation’

You’ll find gems like