Adding Credit/User Ratings(or points) on admin dashboard

(Janit Anjaria) #1


I wanted to know if it is possible to have a feature where the user can be given “x” points for a particular activity he does. And the same i.e. the Points Table ( or Credit Table ) , can be shown to the Users ( all of them ) , and also to the admin ( Min. Requirement ) as a dashboard or a page. Can someone know how to go about it ?
If this is not provided by discourse , then is there some RoR gem that can be used for the same.


(Jeff Atwood) #2

No this is not possible, and I don’t know of any plugin to do it.

You could write one, if you like.

(Janit Anjaria) #3

Hey !

Thanks for the prompt reply - but can you please let me know how to go
about it - i want users to get credits on sign up , posting something , and
with more likes (and comments) on his/her posts. Please give me a pointer
to start .


(cpradio) #4

Develop a set of requirements, list out all features and expectations, list all locations where points could be accumulated and how many points should be given for each location. Determine if the points should be configurable, mock up an admin page where the points can be updated by location.

Then post all of this data in the Feature category (or the Marketplace category) in hopes to attract a developer who also likes the idea and is willing to create a PR for it.

(Janit Anjaria) #5

@cpradio : thanks for the reply . I have a list of my requirements , but the data is not yet out. It has to be implemented from scratch! I wanted to know if i can get some live IRC help - it would be of great help as i need this feature up and running maximum in a month ! Please guide me.

(Janit Anjaria) #6

Hey !

Can you please tell me , how do i check the response,etc. at the backend if
i want to debug something… and if i want to make some changes and then
run it on my localmachine. Please guide me !