Adding Discourse to an existing DO droplet that's running Vanilla

(Greg Lexiphanic) #1

Hey all,
Helping out an organisation to migrate away from Vanillaforums (VF) to Discourse. They’d been running VF for about a year and were becoming unhappy with it and liked the look of Discourse.

The person who set up VF for them did so using a DO droplet so I got the logins and followed the awesome steps that come with Discourse to install Docker and Discourse into that same droplet.
I discovered the port:80 conflict and, for the time being, just changed Discourse’s (?) port to 85 so that Discourse could be reached, configured, played with by adding “:85” to the URL. I exported their VF content and imported it into Discourse, too, so they could get a sense of how it would work for them.

Now they’ve decided Discourse is the right path and want it to go live. The problem I’m running up against is how to get port 80 to point to Discourse and not to the VF installation. I’ve hit a wall in my knowledge.
I have looked through Meta but to no avail. I see no evidence anywhere of nginx (which I see mentioned a lot here in Meta) but I do see apache2 is installed (and probably the culprit).

What’s the simplest way of dealing with this? Any tips or pointers in the right direction would help immensely. Feel free to ask me any questions if it will help you help me more.

(Sam Saffron) #2

stopping / uninstalling apache and then re-configuring the container to use port 80 … should be straight forward.