Adding further static pages

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It seems that I am not alone in looking for ways to add further static pages to my Discourse site. However, the Admin pages do not allow you to do this AFAIK, and previous plugins for Static Pages have been broken by more recent upgrades.

Is there any known, or planned, solution to this?

In my case I am only looking to add another guideline page to the About/FAQ/TOS/Privacy section. I want to add a Usernames Guideline text exactly as per the FAQ page but without making that page even longer. Currently our site (in Beta test) has to block anonymous users so only these pages are visible to users before registration, hence the requirement.

Since I believe development is driven by “user demand” (i.e. if you scream loud enough …) it would really help to bring this up the priority list if you add your voice to this conversation if you too are looking for this facility.

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How different would a static page be from a closed topic with no replies?

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The point is to have a page that is accessible to all new users/visitors

The FAQ/TOS etc use some sort of publishing logic that takes the content of a topic/post and creates a ‘static’ page that appears listed at the highest level (e.g. Terms of Service - Discourse Meta)

If I create a new topic, even creating a new permalink for it and a new link in the hamburger menu, a visitor still needs to be logged in to see it (on a currently private forum). This is not the case for the other static pages.

This is particularly important for pages that are used for reading terms before joining, or to invite new members to register.


I was working on a plugin a few months ago that might be close to what you need.
I got a bit stymied trying to get tests to pass and haven’t been back to it yet.
Anyway, if your page is only static content I think the code could be simplified.


It’s still in the works right now (I’ll create a topic for it when it’s ready) but you might be interested in a plugin I’m working on that does exactly this.


@Mittineague is this plugin still working?

I can’t speak for the other plugin(s), but for my repo it never was really “working” in a ready for production use sense. It was only my attempt to be able to create a new page within Discourse but outside of the Core code. Unfortunately it ended up being more of a learning exercise than anything else.

Feel free to fork it and make changes or scavenge any bits of it you want to use.