Adding location at sign up

I want to collect users location at sign up.

Is there a way to add the EXISTING Location field (in the user profile) to the sign up form?

Or to I need to remove the existing Location field (if so, how?) and add custom user fields for the location?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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This is not a direct response to your question, but also consider the Locations Plugin which has a lot more functionality than the out-of-the-box solution and allows you to display user locations on a single map…

Thanks @merefield. I love the look of your locations plugin - I’ve wanted a map which shows user locations for ages…

At the moment, I’m new to Discourse, not very technically able, and focussing on trying to master the basics of the platform. When I feel ready to move on, this will be one of the first things on my list to do.

How much technical knowledge do I need to install and work this plugin?

It’s not my plugin, I’m just referring. It’s @angus & @Sudaraka’s :slight_smile:

You need to edit app.yml and rebuild the app, not super technical.

The guide to do that is here: