Adding Mailchimp Subscriber popup

(Tor) #1


I’m trying to add the mailchimp Subscriber popup in the forum and added the code in the header. But the popup is not showing. I think it has something to do with the java script?

(Tor) #2

This is the code I have in the header

(Tor) #3

this is the error log:

Error: Could not find module [object Object]
at a (
at requireModule (

(Tor) #4

Please someone help.

pulling my hair

(Régis Hanol) #5

What is that Mailchimp Subscriber popup? Can you point us at some documentations?

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(Régis Hanol) #7

I’m afraid this doesn’t help me since I have no experience with that part of Mailchimp. Maybe you should ask one of the Mailchimp Expert?

(Tor) #8

Its a paid service I think.

The popup does not show and I think its because of the java script.

(Tor) #9

According to this wordpress mailchimp bug it has something to do with the jquery.js.

Could it be the same error/bug in discourse?

(Neil Lalonde) #10

Yes it’s the same issue. Discourse loads jQuery for itself, and mailchimp’s embed.js is trying to load another version of jQuery. If they offer a way to load it without jQuery, or if it can assume jQuery is already loaded, it might work.

(Mittineague) #11

Even if it would work I fear it would require a massive amount of code rewriting. eg.

var discourse_jquery = jQuery.noConflict();

many changes eg.

        if (options.settings) {
          Discourse.SiteSettings = jQuery.extend(true, Discourse.SiteSettings, options.settings);


        if (options.settings) {
          Discourse.SiteSettings = discourse_jquery.extend(true, Discourse.SiteSettings, options.settings);

(Tor) #12

But is it possible to use the same jquery as discource like in the link?

(Neil Lalonde) #13

You’ll have to get help from Mailchimp on this. Their popup code isn’t very portable, and they should fix that.

(Tor) #14

Thanks for the help @neil

(smartwatchme) #15

You could also try some tools like SumoMe?


Has anyone had success integrating SumoMe with discourse? I’d be very interested to see how this is done.

(smartwatchme) #17

Yes it’s very easy, you just add a small line of javascript code to your header!

(Tor) #18

Just added the SumoMe. Very impressed! Works like a charm. Thanks @smartwatchme