Additional logo for emails?

(David Kobia) #1

My discourse site has a dark header with a light logo. This is a problem for the outgoing emails that have a light grey header that my logo is invisible in.

Either of the following would be nice:

  • Separate logo for emails
  • Ability to alter the current #eee background on the email header
  • Ability to minimally modify the email template - styles or otherwise

Styling email digest
(Michael Downey) #2

Hi @dkobia. Did you have any luck hacking the Discourse digest e-mails?

or …

Does anyone else know of a semi-permanent way to do the things David mentioned above?

(Michael Downey) #3


There is an admin setting digest_logo_url under the “Required” tab that is optional. :slight_smile:

Description: The logo used in your site’s email digest. If left blank logo_url will be used. eg:

(Jeff Atwood) #4