Adjust poll data manually - no user details import needed


What would you like done?

I want to be able to adjust final poll data manually, no user account details need to be affected.

I want to create a new poll, and be able to adjust the poll data manually so that I can reflect the old poll data I have collected over the years from a different platform.

I am not talking about a full migration or or a complete merge of two sets of poll results. I just want the final poll numbers to reflect the old data that I had collected elsewhere over the years.

We can do this by means of a field that allows me to add one number to the final total poll data.

For example, say I have a poll from a different platform that shows

80 yes votes
20 no votes

I want to be able to start a new poll in discourse and have the option to manually add “80 yes / 20 no” as the starting point for the new poll data. That’s all I need, I do not need to import the user data or user account details from the old platform that I had been using. Just the raw numbers for the poll results.

When do you need it done?

No rush, rather do it right, can wait up to 1 month.

What is your budget, in $ USD that you can offer for this task?

Can be flexible but the fees have to be reasonable too depending on how many estimated hours this project requires and the coder’s hourly rate.

Thanks, feel free to email me or ask questions to clarify this project. .


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Thanks for a great description of what you’re after. I’ve had a fair bit of experience modifying the polls plugin, particularly while building my elections plugin. PM me and we can discuss the rate and hours.


Thanks Angus, will PM you as soon as I have figured out how to do that. I thought the PM option will appear when I click on your profile, but I couldn’t find it. Here’s a screen shot of your profile. Alternatively, pls PM me and I will reply… Thanks!

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