Adjusting minimum password requirements/creating custom error messages

Hello, I would like to adjust the minimum password requirements! I would like to remove the minimum password requirement length (so users can create passwords as short as they want) though, cannot create weak or easy to guess passwords (will be met with a custom error message if attempted)! Also, duplicated or similar passwords won’t be allowed for different user accounts (this will also be met with a custom error message)!

If a user tries to use a weak or easy to guess password (I.E: 1234567890), they will be met with a custom error message that says “Whoops! That password is too weak or easy to guess! To protect users from unauthorized logins, we do not allow weak or easy to guess passwords! Please choose a stronger password to sign up with a password!” And I would also like to define a weak or easy to guess password as any of the following

  • A numerical password only

  • A password with repeated characters, or that follows a pattern of any kind (I.E: UIUIUIUI)

  • A single or short worded password (I.E: cat)

  • A password with less than 5 characters

Now, I know that the last defined example was contradicting what I just said though what I meant by disabling the minimum password requirements is that a user can sign up with a password as short as they want, though if it’s too short, they will be met with an error message!

Also, users that use the same or a similar password to another user will be met with an error message that says “Whoops! Either this password is already in use or is similar to a password already used by another user! Please use a different password to sign up using a password!”

Now I don’t need to provide examples on that, though my main question is this: Is it possible to do what I said above and if it’s not it would make one hell of a feature!

So, if someone can explain to me if it’s possible to do what I said above?

Important notice regarding example passwords

The example passwords provided are random passwords that came to mind! No intention is made to actually guess someone’s password! HOWEVER, if that DOES end up happening, IMMEDIATELY PM me so I can edit the post!

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