Admin able to see Members PM

I am wondering if admins allow by default to see others member PM even he is not invited to that PM ?

that’s what happen with me I would like to disable it . :slight_smile:

I don’t think there is a way to disable it.
May be writing a custom plugin - we can just disable it.

BUT - anyways, the admin who has access to the external transactional email provider - will anyway be able to see the PMs.

Thats mean it’s enable by default ?

Is there any plugin ready to disable it ?

It’s enabled by necessity. For example, if hotbabe69 sends me and other members an offensive pr0n spam message, I want the Admin to be able to see it so they can take action with that account.

A plugin would only make it more difficult for an Admin to see messages, not impossible. An Admin could simply disable the plugin or query the database. If you don’t want to see another members message(s), don’t look :see_no_evil:

This has been discussed elsewhere. I’m too lazy busy to search now, but you could try looking yourself if you’re interested in reading more.


it’s would be simple if the member invited the admin in that particular offensive PM or Allowing Admin to see PM as request for that PM.

I just saw it accidentally I thought at begging it’s a bug and should be reported to be fix.

what about activity of admins on Log it would be great if it’s recorded there also beside admin activity currently it’s not recording this kind of activity .


Previous discussion below. Note, although that is in the #plugin category, it is not a plugin, simply discussion about making one.


At least 3-4 topics on this, add to them instead of creating a new topic.