Admin approval of profile changes prior to updated profile becomes live

Hi folks,

Is there any way by which admin approve of profile changes prior to updated profile becomes live? (it is not just about username and.or email, but all profile info)

No such feature exists, and this is the first time I’ve ever heard anyone request it in the last 3 years.

(flagging of weird profiles, has been requested, though…)

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And is there a way for flagging of weird profiles?

Not yet, it hasn’t really come up enough to be an issue. There is always the /about page where you can contact admins / mods for any unusual issues, and a weird profile, weird enough to warrant someone doing something about it, definitely would be unusual.

Here is the request for flagging profiles, by the way…


What I can understand is that it is not possible yet. Am I wrong?

You are correct. It is not currently possible. The link I shared was to the #feature request. @codinghorror mentioned that flagging user profiles has come up before, so I shared the link to the discussion about flagging user profiles. Sorry for any confusion.