Admin --> dashboard get more #'s and analytics

(SketchUp Community Manager) #1

So when I go under Admin – Dashboard there are some great analytics there. I am wondering, can I view more of it? Can I view the years worth or get any more analytics?

For example I would like to see the user trust level changes over time and have not been writing down the numbers - I would like to start tracking this.


(Sam Saffron) #2

We have plans to add a more extensive analytics plugin, but as it stands what you see in the dashboard is all we have. (note you can click through and break down by date)

(Eric Doster) #3

Hey @sam, so is there anyway to get access to the data for a hosted discourse site? My goal is just like @AlexAB’s above: I want to be able to run reports about engagement and user growth. Right now, I’m currently pulling down a csv and manually uploading that to some tools we use to display data. Partially for the sake of making it more automated, but mostly for the sake of getting better insights into user behaviour and community growth – how do I get better data in a queryable manner? Is creating a new plugin an option?

(Kane York) #4

I’m currently working on a plugin that will allow you to run SQL queries against your live database.

(Sam Saffron) #5

Of course, at any time you can perform a backup from the admin dashboard and download it, but I would recommend waiting on @riking’s plugin will only be a few more weeks.

(Eric Doster) #6

That sounds amazing!

Any chance this will also allow for third party tools to be able to connect to the data as well? We use a tool called Chartio to connect to various datasources (SQL Server or MYSQL Databases, for example) and turn queried data into a variety of charts and graphs.

I’d love to write a few queries to have real time graphs for things like “new signups by date”, “# of posts/week bucketed in age of users account”, etc…

(Jeff Atwood) #7

Unlikely, but you can go to Admin, Backups and download a full copy of your Postgres database any time for analysis.