Admin e-mail, need clarification on what is an/the admin e-mail

In another support topic the response noted:

using the admin email you use on your site, send us a request to

That left me several ideas of what admin email could mean.

  1. There is an e-mail provided with and accessed as part of the Discourse admin section.
  2. I am not the owner of the site nor did I set up the site, so I would have to contact that person to have them send the message using the e-mail they used when initializing the site as that is recognized as the only admin e-mail.
  3. The e-mail I personally use to log into the site with admin rights is considered an admin e-mail because the site is hosted by Discourse, and they can check if my e-mail is tied to one of the people in the admin group.

After reading the message and noting the fuller context, admin email you use on your site it seems that only the third option is correct.

So instead of assuming I am correct, am I correct that option three is correct?

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This one :arrow_up:

Since in your case the request is not destructive (for example close the site) it is enough for us to verify that you are one of the site administrators.


The copy here is not great @jomaxro.

Do you mean to say

send us an email from an email address that matches any of the site administrator accounts


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