Admin interface issue caused by CloudFlare rocket loader

(Dimitris Kritsotakis) #1

This happens on admin dashboard only, The user-UI is OK… This happens on both Chrome 62 and Firefox 56

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

Any errors in logs?

(Dimitris Kritsotakis) #3

None related to this error.I did check them firstly, when I located this issue.

I am 100% sure it is theme related though, because when I access the instance from another browser using private mode, the theme is different than the one displaying in the image and the buttons in admin UI are normal.

Edit: And between then and now I checked, no rebuilds or anything else happened

(Jeff Atwood) #4

You will need to check the theme css and fix the broken theme in this area.

(Stephen Chung) #5

First thing you’ll need to do is to go to your profile and choose the default theme. That’s what’s happening on private browsing… No logged in user.

If the default theme works, then your custom theme is screwed up.


This just happened to me too. I hadn’t changed anything because I hadn’t touched the forum in a week.

I cannot even remove any of my custom CSS, as the save button no longer works.

Worse, it doesn’t matter what theme I’m using.

Seems like something else changed. Or CloudFlare is being ridiculous?

Update: Yes, it’s a CloudFlare Issue

By disabling the cache (bypass mode) and disabling performance in* the problem is resolved.

There was a console error up there before. I know CloudFlare’s been having a ton of RocketLoader issues… might be worth doing some investigation to see that everything else is 100% good.


(Jeff Atwood) #7

@jomaxro we need to get a repro and report this to cloudflare, they have regressed here multiple times over the years, sounds like it happened again.


As an FYI, our main site’s RocketLoader started going bonkers on September 12, 2017. They pulled it and re-loaded it a few times since then.

I don’t need it for the Admin panel, but if you had any weird sporadic issues starting mid-September, that could be the reason.

Right now RocketLoader works for the rest of our main site and blog.

(Dimitris Kritsotakis) #9

Sorry for not replying these days, I had some other things to do.
Again I didn’t do anything and in the same theme it fixed. I will add this rule to Cloudflare to prevent this from happening again. Thank you!

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #15

Rocket Loader appears to consistently break the Admin UI. I tested numerous Cloudflare settings, including their HTTP proxy, caching, and JS/HTML/CSS minify tools, but only Rocket Loader (with or without other settings) affected the Admin UI. I will note that Rocket Loader is clearly marked “Beta” and has the following note:

Rocket Loader is considered Beta because it’s an experimental feature that modifies the loading and execution flow of Javascript. While efforts are taken to increase Rocket Loader’s compatibility with third-party Javascripts, not all scripts work with this feature. Issues with Rocket Loader affect only a small percentage of customers.

I’ll be reaching out to Cloudflare today to report the issue.

Edit: Ticket filed.