Admin login when local login is disabled

(Joe) #1
  • Discourse has the option to use other platforms for login (Google/Facebook/Twitter etc)
  • Discourse also has the option to use local login (Email/password)
  • Discourse gives the admin the option to disable local login like so:

Follow these steps:

1- Install Discourse
2- create admin account
3- login to admin account (email / password)
4- set up social login
5- disable local login
6- logout of admin account

How can you login to the admin account again?

If you click on the login button you get:

You cannot login in to the admin account because it uses local login, and you cannot use local login because it’s disabled.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #2

If the email associated with the admin account is also used for a Google, Facebook, or Twitter account, you can log in via the social login. Accounts are linked via email, so if the email matches you’ll access the admin account.

Alternately, use the admin backdoor:

(Joe) #3

:grin: Thanks @jomaxro, the backdoor method is what I was looking for.

(Joshua Rosenfeld) #4

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