Admin/Mod clicking on review notification doesn't load the latest (to be reviewed)post

When there’s a post to be reviewed, there’s a notification for mods and admins.
When I click the notification, the latest (under review )post isn’t loaded. It is loaded when I refresh the page.

When you say the latest post isn’t loaded, do you mean there are no posts? I have not seen this behavior.

Latest as in the last one.

Sorry I need you to be very clear here. Are there SOME posts on the /review page, just not the one you want, or are there NONE?

If there’s a new post added to review, clicking on the notification loads the review page. All of the items except the latest item are shown there. After refreshing, the latest one apprears.

In this case, had you previously visited the review page and navigated away before the new reviewable came in?

I am wondering if the issue is that the review page is not refreshing properly when you come back to it.

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The way I get to know that there’s something new is by the number on the hamburger icon.

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@Roman_Rizzi can you take a look at this one? Looks like the page is not refreshing properly.

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I couldn’t reproduce this bug. This is what I tried:

  1. created a reviewable,
  2. navigated to “/reviewable”,
  3. left the page and navigate to other routes,
  4. created a second reviewable and
  5. navigated back to “/reviewable” from the hamburger menu.

Am I doing something wrong, @fzngagan ?

What I did notice is that if a new reviewable is created while seeing the queue, it won’t show.


Yes the steps are correct. When you move back to reviewable page, keep an eye on the list. The last/latest item added in the queue would be missing. If you refresh, the item will appear.

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Hi @fzngagan

I gave this another try but I still can’t reproduce it. I also tried using the browser back/forward buttons.

I don’t know if this will be useful but I recorded my browser while trying it out:


I reported this a couple of months back, I’ll have a look to see whether I can reproduce it.

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