Admin: Mute mention notifications for a single topic?

(James Gregory) #1

This is a hole I’ve dug myself into and I’m wondering if there’s a way out.

I have a thread where there’s a lot of people mentioned. Deliberately. It’s a contact list of sorts, an organisation chart. We’ve mentioned people in their positions so it’s easy for others to private message them about issues. I’m quite happy with this setup.

With one exception. Whenever any edits or replies to the post, 40 people get a notification email. So far this has happened once a day for the past week, which is less than ideal.

Is there any way, as an Admin or author of the thread, that I can turn off notifications for mentioned people for a particular thread?

Alternatively, anybody have any suggestions how I could achieve the same thing without spamming everyone?

(James Milligan) #2

Users can select ‘Muted’ from the options at the bottom of the thread to mute notifications from it.

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(James Gregory) #3

Yeah, that I realise, but that’s less than ideal to get 40+ people to manually mute it. By that point they’re already frustrated at receiving the notifications.

(Mittineague) #4

Seems that would be incentive for them to Mute it. If they know how of course.

Other than that there might be a way for script to set it to Mute, but what if they didn’t want it Muted?

(James Gregory) #5

Can I nip this in the bud? I’m not looking for discussion on what my users may or may not want, or their motivations or incentives. I’m just asking if a feature exists in Discourse. No is an acceptable answer.

Thanks for the scripting suggestion @Mittineague , I’ll have a think about that.

Can I mute the mention notifications for a thread as an Admin? yes/no.

If no, is there an alternative to prevent emailing everyone on every change? yes/no.

(Dean Taylor) #6

Why not just edit the post once, remove the @mentions changing them to just links to the user profiles?
Assuming removing the “@mention” stops the user notification.

(James Gregory) #7

That might be a good compromise, yeah. It’d be a shame to lose the popup profile modal, but I could probably live with that.


Your idea to have a topic as a contact list sounds familiar to a friend’s set up for her SMF forum. Instead of one post, she has all members post to a single topic listing their position and any contact info one might need.

That way a user can just make a reply to this Contact-List-Topic to add themselves and can remove themselves too, or have the admin remove the post. Their avatars all show up in the meta bar of the Opening Post and someone can click on an avatar to go straight to the contact entry.

That way, you get the user cards and the entire lot aren’t notified when you edit one post (at least to my knowledge).

EDIT: Just remembered. They only need to mute the topic and they won’t get any notifications, with my idea here.

(Jeff Atwood) #9

I think you mean edits. Replying to a post full of @name mentions would not cause any of those @names to get notified.

An edit might, but it should only notify any @names who were added to the post in the edit.

Furthermore only people who REPLIED to the topic would be watching that topic, so I struggle to understand how bunches of people are being notified here?

Something about the way you are describing this does not seem kosher to me. Can you provide more detail, maybe an example URL to show us or screenshot?

(James Gregory) #10

Ok, you got me doubting myself so I did some deeper investigation. Ends up that we just have a lot of people who have changed their notification settings to receive all messages. As far as I can tell, it’s the same users being notified not everyone in the message.

It was mostly edits, too.