Admin not getting emails

Hi there,

We are a nonprofit based in Canada that has recently adopted discourse for our forum (about a year into it.) We recently upgraded and are at 2.5.0.beta2. One of our Admins was being locked out and couldn’t use his email on file to log in. He wasn’t receiving notifications either.

As an Admin I tried to revoke his Admin privilege and wasn’t able to edit his password, so I ended up deleting him. I just sent a new invitation, but he is still not receiving it. I worry this is a systems error. Any advice? :anguished:

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Check the log at your email provider (Mailgun, etc.) to see why he isn’t receiving the message.


Are you seeing systemic mail delivery problems with more users than just this one? Where is your Discourse hosted? What email provider is this user using? Did this user check their spam email folder?

Email, as it turns out, is a very difficult problem to get right… surprisingly difficult.


Did you try to change their password with rake admin:create ?

I have recently found this method works fine to change admin passwords.


Hi @codinghorror, Thanks for the tip. We do seem to be having systematic issues. We chalk it down to an update necessary with a Zoho account, but this is a work-in-progress so I’ll keep everyone updated if that doesn’t work out.