Admin User list by period of time?

Is possible to see these statistics (.../admin/users/list/leader) by period of time, as we can see the statistics in .../users ?

I need to check if the leaders are really habitual to the community, or if they only reached trust level 4, and fell asleep :zzz:

If not possible, I have been trying to re-create these statistics with data-explorer, maybe some SQL guru can help me get to the task of reviewing these statistics for the last month, or the last week.

Thank you


Hello again.

As I said before, I need to improve the trust_level_4’s members control, if they are doing their β€œwork” as a Leaders. Maybe same report that moderators? /admin/reports/moderators_activity

I try to check the last activity here
But that option only shows if the user comes to the forum (and when).

How can I see if the member did some edition, change tags, etc.

With Data Explorer?

@Simon_Cossar, did you have some SQL code to check this activity? :pray: