Admin user new topic create validation?

(Arul Baskar) #1

for the following my step

  1. login admin user
  2. setting change to “allow uncategorized topics”
  3. setting changed to new topic create default new category show
  4. create new topic click to validate category dropdown and default select staff category
    attached is my sample

how to remove category validation. please help me

(Jeff Atwood) #2

Did you hard refresh your browser? Some of these admin level site settings require the browser to refresh.

(Arul Baskar) #3

logout then login create new topic same issue. this issue same to other users.

(Arul Baskar) #4

am code change to file category-chooser.js.es6 and composer.js.es6

none: function() {
if (Discourse.User.currentProp(‘staff’) || Discourse.SiteSettings.allow_uncategorized_topics) {
if (this.get(‘rootNone’)) {
return “category.none”;
} else {
return Discourse.Category.findUncategorized();
//else {
// return ‘category.choose’;

categoryValidation: function() {
//12/17/2015 - Have made changes to set default category in category dropdown
if(this.get(‘model’) && !this.get(‘model.categoryId’)) {
var categories = this.get(‘categories’) || Discourse.Category.list();
if(categories) {
var categoryId = categories[0].id;
this.set(‘model.categoryId’, categoryId);
if( !Discourse.SiteSettings.allow_uncategorized_topics && !this.get(‘model.categoryId’)) {
return Discourse.InputValidation.create({ failed: true, reason: I18n.t(‘composer.error.category_missing’) });