Admin User Seen? and docs?


(Yunus Tierney) #1

I have a couple of related questions please.

If I go to a user’s profile, i.e. at, there is a line item under Activity titled, “Seen”. What does that refer to?

Is that indicating that the user has seen the last emailed digest (or other email) or is that the last time the user was on the site viewing content, or something else?

And for that matter, above that for Created - is that the last time the user created content?

And is there documentation that states what each of the fields means that I could or should be looking at for answers?


(Vinoth Kannan) #2

I have answers for your first two questions.

  1. Seen - Last time when the user was online
    It may be confusing you since Last Emailed and Seen columns are nearby
  2. Created - When the user joined / created the account

(Mittineague) #3

1: I think of “profile” as being “…/users/member_name/” not “…/admin/users/id/member_name”

Anyway -
“seen” is last logged in.
“admin/users” has a “Last Emailed”

2: What “admin/users” calls “Created” the profile shows as "Joined"
i.e. “created” as in the account.
When the last post was created - “made” can be seen in the profile as “Last Post”

3: I don’t know of any formal documentation. Maybe it’s a language thing, or that I have become familiar with Discourse, but most things seem self-explanatory to me to the point where no documentation is needed.