Adsense approval and Discourse

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I signed up for Adsense. Only problem is I have waited for a while and I am not sure I did it the right way.
I have pasted the code I got from Adsense (so they can review it) in the “Top” (this is in CSS/HTML settings) and I added the Adsense code as well in settings.

It says this on Adsense:
Reviewing your site will take up to 3 days. We’ll email you when we’re done.
Paste it into the HTML of, right after the tag.

I can’t make any ads as they have not approved it yet, what should I do?

It says I have to add the code to a place on the site that have a lot of traffic, how do I insert the code in for example a forum post? Or should I post it on the main page and if so how do I do it so it creates an ad that is empty (right now there is no ad box what so ever)?

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No one knows? Or maybe people are on vacation because of the holidays.


There is the supported adplugin. Include the repository in your app.yml file and then enable it with relevant information through the Discourse admin interface.

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Yes I installed that plugin, do you mean I have to insert the code in the .yml file? If so, is there any tutorial for this?
Again, all is installed and I see it in admin but AdSense want to see me insert their code somehow.

See here:


No you need to find your publisher ID and put it in the admin side if you havent already.

If you have and the ads are not showing yet you probably need more unique visitors to kickstart the ad serving process.

(Neil Lalonde) #6

Does your site show as verified?

If it doesn’t show as verified, then it probably has instructions. If you need to add code to verify (like a meta tag), then add it to the </head> section of a customization in Discourse.

I don’t remember what I had to do, but AdSense let’s me mark anything as verified without any work… which is weird…

With the discourse-adplugin, you never need to paste code that AdSense gives you. Only your publisher ID and ad unit IDs are needed.

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This is what it looks like, I can’t access the settings that you can.

I got a code they say I need to paste, so I do it in the /head then. Here it is:

(Neil Lalonde) #8

Hmm, well that’s basically the same code that the adplugin uses, so you don’t want to add that so it gets loaded twice. I’m not clear from that screenshot if they need you to add that code in order to review your site, or if they’re reviewing your site without it. I guess you can add it, but be sure to remove it once your site is approved.

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Yeah I have no idea what I shall do anymore. I wrote on the Adsense help site, maybe they know what is wrong.

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When I applied for Adsense a long time ago (for a wordpress site) when I inserted the code a empty square appeared on my site (no ad was displayed in the square) but with Discourse nothing is displayed, should it be like that? Just trying to iron out what I am doing wrong.

(Neil Lalonde) #11

Try putting it in the <body> section instead.

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Like this:

(Kane York) #13

Is the string with ca-pub the publisher ID? What happens if you put that into the ad plugin settings?

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Yes that is the publisher ID. I tried just adding the ID but no word from Google. Google says I have to post their code so I guess I have to do that.


I dont think that’s the problem. It sounds more on the google side than it does the publisher or discourse side.

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Well, I removed all code and just added the publisher ID like some where saying. Discourse should have the code already (although Google specifically said it must be 100% exact) so now I just want and see what they say.

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Are there any Discourse sites that uses adsense? Links? I want to contact some if possible as the held desk over at Google are clueless when it comes to Discourse.

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Finally got a reply from Google. The problem was that I already had an adsense account it seems >_<. Anyway, thanks for the support on this forum, it is up and working now.