Adsense banners are showing in some posts only


Adsense banners are showing in some posts only and in some there is no ads !! i updated the plugin yesterday.

using this

Hmm not much has changed in the plugin recently. Do you see any errors or warnings in the javascript console?


No i don`t ! no errors

Any explanation for this problem ? this will reduce the profits of the ads, the number of posts with this problem has been increased since i posted this, 3 of 5 posts we posting are having this problem.

You haven’t provided any information to help us determine if this is a problem with the plugin or something else. You see no errors. Have you investigated your AdSense account for any warnings, content violations, targeting rules, etc. etc.?


Good questions, yes i did, there is single violation and my account is 100% clear, no warnings i changed nothing in the banner settings, suddenly i got this problem from no where.

Please skip it, i used another browser its working fine which just thought about it. its working fine on firefox, UC also on google chrome mobile, am only facing this on google chrome windows pc.