AdSense not loading in some cases (not a bug)

(Bart) #1


I’m serving ads with the official discourse-adplugin, and I notice that ads don’t seem to reliably load in a specific case.

Before I start:

  • I verified that the AdSense code is present on the right places in the HTML, so I do not believe this is a bug in discourse-adplugin.
  • I verified that this happens in the default theme.
  • I’m on the latest build.

Here’s what I observe:

  • Ads load correctly if they’re initially in view. For example, if you load to the top of a page (like here), the ad displays fine.
  • If you land in the middle of a longer page and scroll to any location that is supposed to hold an ad, it’s often empty. For example, start on this post of the same topic and scroll to the top (or the bottom) of the page - the ad block that was visible when you used the previous link is now gone at least half the time.
  • The same happens to ‘in post stream’ ads (which we have set to once per 25 posts).

I first used responsive ads and suspected they might not get rendered as they didn’t ‘exist’ yet, so Google can’t get their size. I replaced them with fixed-size but the problem remains.

Has anyone else experienced this same issue? Any ideas what’s causing this?

Edit: And of course, the links I presented above now work fine :frowning: Try any other sufficiently long topic on that site though and you’re likely to see the same issue. Could it be that Google needs more time to crawl my topics?