Adsense Plugin Installation Error

Hi, I am trying to install Discourse Adsense-plugin. After rebuilding the app I am getting an error.

root@ip-172-31-10-143:/var/discourse# ./launcher rebuild app
Ensuring launcher is up to date
Fetching origin
Launcher is up-to-date
Stopping old container
+ /usr/bin/docker stop -t 10 app
cat: templates/sshd.template.yml: No such file or directory
cd /pups && git pull && /pups/bin/pups --stdin
/usr/bin/docker: invalid reference format: repository name must be lowercase.
See '/usr/bin/docker run --help'.
cat: cids/app_bootstrap.cid: No such file or directory
"docker rm" requires at least 1 argument.
See 'docker rm --help'.

Usage:  docker rm [OPTIONS] CONTAINER [CONTAINER...]

Remove one or more containers
m: cannot remove 'cids/app_bootstrap.cid': No such file or directory
** FAILED TO BOOTSTRAP ** please scroll up and look for earlier error messages, there may be more than one.
./discourse-doctor may help diagnose the problem.

Here is the line which i added to clone from repository.

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 6.48.42 PM

Looks similar to this issue Unexpected rebuild error with sshd template

The adsense plugin (discourse-adsense) is not supported any more.
Do you happen to mean the discourse-adplugin?


Yes, i mean discourse-adplugin.

Screenshot 2020-05-01 at 6.48.42 PM