Adsense questions


Hi All , some Adsense related questions:

  1. I see that in Discourse ADMIN settings there is already an area where we can enter our Adsense publisher ID, so why are some people getting an Adsense plugin? I would assume by entering our publisher ID in the admin settings in Discourse, that should be sufficient, no ?

  2. Is it true that Adsense will only work for top domain URLs? So if my forum is, then there is no way for Adsense to work?

Many thanks in advance.


No - it works fine on my subdomain forum.


Thanks. Did you use a Adsense plugin or did you simply enter your publisher code in Admin settings? I read older posts and people were talking about using an Adsense plugin in their Discourse forum, not sure what the plugin actually does.


No, but I do use the discourse-adplugin to serve DFP ads.


Thanks, what does DFP stand for?

(Jeff Atwood) #6

You can probably google that and find out.