Advanced but detailed installation guide


I have to install a development environment but I’m not familiar with rails and I can’t use the vagrant-VM method.
Are there more details installation instructions then these: discourse/ at master · discourse/discourse · GitHub?

(Paolo G. Giarrusso) #2

Sounds like a bad spot to be in. Can you use any virtual machine technology at all? If you can’t, I fear my best advice is “fix that”.

In case there aren’t, if you know what you’re doing well enough on a Linux console, (and I understand that’s a big if), this part of the instructions technically contains all needed informations, even if you’re not building a Vagrant machine — instead of su - vagrant, switch to a username of your liking that you’ll use for development. That Vagrantfile basically just sets up a Ubuntu Precise for starting.

In fact, it’s probably possible to (ab)use disk images in Vagrant boxes without Vagrant.

Those instructions assume that Ubuntu version and a fresh machine—so I’d recommend a virtual machine. Otherwise, you might need to troubleshoot those instructions, but there you needn’t a blog post, but a sysadmin.


Thank you @Blaisorblade. I know linux quite well so I’ll try that

(Dave McClure) #5

There’s also this topic: