Advanced Search options for "exact word"

When I search for “banned” on here, I get countless results with “banner”. These 2 are completely different words.
So there should be an option for “exact word” that when checked, it will not search for words with similar spelling.

Does searching with quotes offer this for you?

It’s not a checkbox, but it’s similar to how Google works.

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The quotes work, but how is an user supposed to find this? Discourse is not that known software so Googling it won’t usually return anything.

I believe what Justin meant there is that using the same filters to search on Google works with the Discourse search, not that you search Discourse using Google.

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I mean this by it:
You cannot know the fact that quotation marks search for exact words, unless you Google “how to search for exact words in Discourse” or ask here on Meta.
Not that you should “search Discourse with Google”.

It’s a fair ask, but I think we do have to tread carefully with adding UI to the search page. More UI === more confusing/complex for the user.

Google doesn’t exactly make this super visible either in their UI either. You have to dig to get to it. Exact word match is kind of a power user feature, too, so I’m not sure how helpful across a broad base adding even tooltips would be to help here.

Obviously that’s just my view on it and am open to other interpretations and thoughts.

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