Advert on site point forum ('fancybar')

(colin avolve) #1

ON the site point forums I notice they have a small advert ( which displays on scroll and below the sticky header:

I would like to emulate something similar, for a certain type of custom announcement (bypassing ad networks)—if relatively simple to do. This will be manually changed once a month or so (custom colour, text, image).

For a client site that may have advertising i the future, this approach seems much less obtrusive-obnoxious than most banners. I am also interested in how it is implemented. Is this a different type of advert delivered by

(cpradio) #2

All I can say is the class on it is _fancybar which seems to come from

How it is implemented, I’m unsure of. It may be injected in the header as a script, or it may be somewhere else.