Advertisement Space

(Safa Faheem) #1

Hi again!

I wanted to ask about the advertisement feature of Discourse. I’ve seen a couple of plugins regarding Google Adsense, DoubleClick, or Amazon Affiliates but is there a way to just designate empty spots of our site to have custom advertisements?

We’re planning to sell targeted banner ad space to our own clients. For example, certain companies will provide an ad creative and we’ll charge a fee to place that on the homepage or within a certain section of the site. We need to know what functionality is available to specifically offer certain ad sizes and locations.

Is there such a plugin that exists for that? Is there a way I can leverage the existing ones for Adsense and etc. for this kind of request?

Thank you!

(Dean Taylor) #2

Check out the plugin mentioned here:

And it sounds like you want “Double Click for Publishers” otherwise known as “DFP”, read more about it here:

(Safa Faheem) #3

Thanks, Dean. I will read more about it and let you know if I have any questions. Thanks so much for passing this along.