Advice on work flow for new member welcome messages

(Tobias Eigen) #1

I am having welcome messages (and other messages too) sent via SSO, from WordPress. These I want to be sent from a standard user account but have staff follow up on.

However, as I have read elsewhere…

Continuing the discussion from Impersonation and reading private messages:

I understand why this decision was made and agree with it, but it is interfering with this planned workflow. I do not want to give full admin access to the staff who’d be doing the replying. I’d be grateful for advice on how to fix this.

Some thoughts I’ve already come up with:

  1. have all PMs automagically flagged for attention by moderators so they can see them
  • have the relevant staff invited to the PM automatically so they can follow up
  • allow staff to log in as the standard user to reply, and invite themselves for follow-up.

Perhaps #1 is most attractive - though I don’t want to necessarily burden all staff with these flag notifications. It would be able to limit this to those staff responsible for managing members based on group or something.

(Kane York) #2

You could also have a shared account be the site contact username.

(Tobias Eigen) #3

I think that’s option #3 - which we’d rather not do because we want to reply using our own username.