After add a link to top menu, how can custom the link showed on mobile

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yes , I have add the extra link , It runs pretty well on my site, which looks like:

However, When I open my site via mobile, I find that what I have added to ,breaks origin grid.

So ,anywhere can I fix this ,like delete the newest link or something else. I have looked into the admin, where only offers the trigger to order cates, not for mobile display.

my site:

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For me, the way to add a link to the top menu is add this plugin that the Discourse team shared in this topic:

(works fine on desktop and mobile)

If your installation runs with Docker, you can see how to add a plugin here.

With an Github account, you can fork the plugin and edit the link and its details. Example:

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Thank you for your info.
this plugin can add an extra link to nav bar, however it doesn’t solve my problem, say



they are not on one line,but stay two lines, which looks not so good.

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It seems well in my Android device (Nexus 4):

Perhaps it depends on the resolution of the device?

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Yes ,I think so !
I my iphone 5s it broken .