After importing data, topics won't load for logged users

(Fernando Stefanini) #1

Hello, :smiley:

I’ve been migrating a forum to Discourse, and was able to get it up and running before importing my data.

Problem is: after I’ve run my import script, I’m able to access topics when not logged in, but accessing the same topic with a logged user seems to make discourse to get stuck on loading. (loading icon never vanishes and no replies show up).

I tried taking a look at the server’s log when accessing the topic but, as I’m no Discourse specialist, I can’t figure out if there is any kind of funky stuff going on that shouldn’t be happening. But I’ve made a gist with the content after clicking on a topic from the homepage:

If anybody wants to try reproducing the error, you can access the link where the forum is hosted:

and login using
password: test_user

As some additional pieces of information, these are the ‘custom’ steps I took when installing discourse and importing my data:

  • Using discourse-migratepassword plugin
  • Saving import_topic_id’s in topic_custom_fields
  • Generating permalinks (303 redirect’s) for all my discourse topics using the import_topic_id’s
  • Setting email_tokens as confirmed for all users (as I didn’t want them to have the overhead of re-confirming emails that were already in use in the old forum)

PS: Just to avoid criticism, I don’t intend to keep on using rails’ server to run my instance, I just wanted a development environment that other people could access while the migration is not finished. :wink:

If anybody can shed some light on this, I’d be extremely thankful. So far most of the migrating experience to discourse has been really positive, and we are really excited to get it up and running once for all.

Thanks beforehand, and let me know if there is any additional information that I should share.

(Régis Hanol) #2

Are there any errors in the JavaScript console of your browser when you’re logged in?

Are you using any plugins?

(Fernando Stefanini) #3

Huum, I didn’t think of checking that before!

But unfortunately, even after installing the ember-inspector that is suggested when you open the console, nothing popped there :confused:

(Fernando Stefanini) #4

I missed this question earlier, sorry. But as I mentioned, discourse-migratepassword
is the only plugin I’m using so far. And as I can log in normally (just when I access a topic the problem happens), my wild guess would be that’s not related. But again, just a guess :smile: