After latest Update Adsense Ads Inside After Header are not displaying

I do not use Default adsense Plugin, I Insert adsense ad in
Edit CSS/HTML section.
After the latest Update adsense ads are not displaying in The Header/ After Header.
Ads displaying only in </body>
I think this is because of new Iframes restriction settings in New version of Discourse.
Please help. Because of some reasons i can not use Adsense plugin.
How can i allow the Adsense ads to display in the Posts and After header ?

allowed iframes

OpenStreetMap Embedded?

A list of iframe src domain prefixes that discourse can safely allow in posts.

Please help How can i allow adsense ads.

The Discourse ad plugin works well and is easily customized:


Perhaps you could share those reasons and the adsense plugin could be modified to fit your situation, or it can already work and it’s not obvious how to make it fit your needs.

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its not only about the adsense ads. I can not use any javascript in After header. which uses Iframes. This happened in last 3 days update. :frowning: Working fine with v1.9.3

Yes, but because of certain issues i can not use it. I have to run some javascripts in After header. Which is not working after last 3 days update. How can i allow all the iframes ?