After the Fact Featured Link (or FL Lost)

Continuing the discussion from Topic Title URL Issue:

I found a way to “undo” this for a new topic:

  1. paste the URL in the title
  2. remove the URL from both the title and the body
  3. the link is gone.

But then, trying to create a new topic with the same link won’t provide the featured link. I think that’s a bug, especially because there’s no way to “undo” the “undo”, so if you fail once, you fail forever.

Is there a way for Discourse to “forget” about the featured links that did not complete?

This is related to a similar discussion we had earlier concerning the possibility of adding a featured link after a topic was created, e.g., to avoid the described situation above. But I could not find that discussion. Any news on ways to do it (even from the command line, I don’t need UI for this, but I want to add a featured link to an existing topic, especially if I cannot recreate a topic with a “used link”).

I noticed a log saying

Error: No Reason Phrase
Line: 15
Column: 5392
Window Location:

Would this be related?

Hey, I guess I was luckier than the previous time.

I found a way around for new topics: hit Ctrl-Shift-R to reload the page without cache, and retrying with the link. It seems that Ember is keeping track of links locally, and failed links are not properly cleaned up.

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